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How It Works

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We have developed a proprietary cryogenic freezing system, utilizing the most efficient use of liquid nitrogen in the world. This system allows for two different fine grind systems, depending on the requirements of your market. The ratio of output of specific size crumb can be increased. The system is designed to allow for maximum operational time and minimum downtime for maintenance.

Our scrap reduction system can allow for every bit of the tire to be resalable, including clean fibre and steel.

We can also provide a turnkey ambient system that produces 0.5 inch (12mm) – 30 mesh (0.6mm) crumb.

Value Added Technology

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"Value-added production is a critical aspect to any tire recycling operation," says Jim Anderson, having met hundreds of interested entrepreneurs who wanted to enter the industry but didn’t have a market for their crumb output. We can add value-added technology so that all of the rubber crumb produced can be utilized in-house to create a more valuable, marketable product. Some of these include:

Hands on Training

We include full training for our turnkey systems. Your operators and managers will be able to have hands-on experience in a commercial plant in Canada.

Market Analysis

Do yourself a favour and determine what your market is before you select your equipment. Different types of equipment produce different rubber crumb and powders, and markets are usually specific in what they want.

Let us help you determine where to sell your crumb, or where you can sell your crumb to your own company and create more profit by adding value to your own operations. Depending on your geographic location, we may be able to help you sell some of your output.